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Our company was founded in spring 2009. At the beginning the main aim was to ensure the transporation of goods according to the wishes of the client. As we grew older, we decided to to increase the scope of our activities and in order to do so we achieved our goal – to obtain the Regulated Agent certificate and to gain permission to do other business in civil aviation – provision of services for cargo and mail. After meeting stringent criteria by the Aviation Authority (at that time the Civil Aviation Authority of the Slovak Republic – Slovak CAA), we created our own cargo terminal at the airport in Bratislava and later also in Piešťany. The first aim of the company was to provide services in the areas of handling,  air transport, and complete range of services for air carriers. This was, is and will always be our priority. The same can be said regarding the security of your items and delivering them to their destinations in the agreed time.

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If you have any requirements to send your shipments, please contact the freight forwarding company through which your shipment was arranged in order to find the best air connections to the final destination (through GSA).


If there is no appropriate or available means of transport for the transport of your shipment, please inform your freight forwarding agent or optionally GSA. If the booking of the shipment would be done through our terminal,  or through Skyport – a second terminal provider at Bratislava airport, and if we have spare capacity, we will be more than happy to take care of the carriage. We will also take care of the necessary documentation (HAWB, MAWB, IATA AWB stickers and other markings).

More information can be obtained through our Pricelist on this website.